Strip club undresses Seattle in ad complaint


Can't they just leave Jiggles alone already? The Seattle strip club took out a half-page ad in The Stranger (aka "Seattle's only newspaper") this week complaining that the city is trying to shut them down over little things like not having the proper permit and being in violation of zoning laws. "The city apparently hates people who create jobs," says the great first line of copy, under the mildly suggestive headline "Jiggles needs your support." Lending hers to the cause is scantily clad "Serenity," presumably one of the club's entertainers. Jiggles is casting the squabble as a political one, urging readers to "come on in and check us out tonight, show your support of the First Amendment!" The Jiggles owners have shown themselves to be a pretty creative bunch ever since they named the establishment. Jiggles opened at the site of a former comedy club called Giggles.