Strap on your video game for extra pleasure

Hill, Holliday group creative director Tim Cawley describes gaming device Immerz this way: "The 'headphones' send low-frequency vibrations into your chest cavity … and jangle your nervous system. Somehow, you actually 'feel' the game. The slope of the ground underfoot. Danger lurking just out of sight. Bullets whizzing overhead." Here's the thing: If I want my nerves jangled, I'll head to Starbucks. And if I'd like to get caught in a crossfire, I'll enlist. The Boston agency's launch video for the product features a typical violent gaming hero challenging users to feel what he feels during alien battles and such. Hey, tough guy, cork up that cake-hole, OK? Experiencing the terrifying intensity of combat is your job. Mine's reaping the glory of a high score. Plus, you just know someone will claim they got a heart attack using this thing.

—Posted by David Gianatasio