Still more Monty Python

Mtv_guiness_1All things Monty Python continue to make a comeback. We’ve already written about Monty Python’s Holy Grail ale and Hormel’s sponsorship of the musical Spamalot. Lately we’ve been noticing another trend—a fondness for Terry Gilliam’s style of animation. First came BBDO’s “Brilliant!” spots for Guinness, with the hyper 2-D Irishmen gushing over the notion of Guinness in a bottle. Now we get MTV promos by The Yard that feature an eccentric Victorian vaudevillian character, The Music Man, who preaches the goodness of “musical television” for the masses. We love Monty Python, too, and both campaigns are fun and high-energy, but pretty soon it’ll be time for something completely different.

—Posted by Tim Nudd