State Farm is a good neighbor with benefits


State Farm and ad agency Translation have started a new campaign that implies their famous jingle (originally jingled by Barry Manilow) is magic. And I don't mean insurance magic. Singing "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there," not only gets you your agent, it also gets you the hot chick from 4E and a hot tub. Or, in some equal-opportunity casual sexism, that hot, sensitive guy with a dark side you've been lusting after (see that one after the jump). The spots direct you to, where a guy in an oversized belt buckle will randomly spout reasonably amusing "reasons" why you should choose State Farm. I like the style and the writing, but the idea that State Farm is the sort of "good neighbor" that hooks you up with a hot guy is a deeply disturbing message. Having State Farm insurance does not, nor will it ever, get you laid. And the hot girl from 4E? She will not be included in your insurance claim settlement. I mean, I know they had to do something to compete with the raw sex appeal of Flo's red lips, but posing State Farm as a low-rent eHarmony? Yeah, no.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers