Stalk, kill your search terms with Nugent

One need only look at Google’s $182 billion market cap to know search remains hot. While Microsoft is trying to figure out a strategy to compete with Google, another rival has slipped under the radar: Ted Nugent. The Motor City Madman is fronting, one of a series of incentivized search engines being developed by a company called Prodedge. The idea is that each time you use, which returns results from Google and Ask, you get a chance to win prizes like an autographed guitar or “the ultimate experience — a hunting trip with Uncle Ted!” Incentivizing people to search is not a bad idea, although nothing new. Heck, after Bill Gates suggested it three years ago, Microsoft played around with the concept. And let’s not forget that Nugent isn’t the first quasi-celebrity to go this route. Mr. Britney Spears himself was recruited for a Yahoo-powered search engine called

—Posted by Brian Morrissey