Sony pits PS3 against the all-purpose onion

Ps3 green onions

Japan gets a lot of flak for its nonsensical advertising campaigns, but the new effort pitting Sony's PlayStation 3 against a bunch of green onions surprisingly isn't one of them. Despite the non-sequitur comparison of a high-tech game console to a batch of sarcastic scallions, the results are subtle and enjoyable, even if you don't speak the language. Similar to the "Get a Mac" ads, Sony's spots begin with introductions, the onion describing himself as "Banou-negi," or "the all-purpose green onion." The two then compare their relative qualities, with the onion largely serving as comic relief to the PS3's straight man. In the spot below, the PS3's capabilities are continually interrupted with green onion interjections like, “They’re not only toppings!” The commercial ends with the PS3 saying "Sorry, I don't understand this conversation very well, but…" To which the green onion scathingly replies, "That's right, you don't understand very well, do you?" (Special thanks to my friend John Odle for translating.) Check out more of the spots after the jump. Via The Escapist.