Someday I, too, will be briskly unpublished

Boing Boing‘s removal of all references to blogger Violet Blue has caused such a stir that even The New York Times weighs in, so the story must really be worthy of debate. The controversy is too convoluted to rehash here. Besides, my research on Boing Boing yielded no mention whatsoever of this Violet Blue, and I couldn’t think of anyplace else to Google her for information. It seems hypocritical for a site supposedly committed to the free-flowing Internet to act in such a fashion, but Boing Boing is a silly name, so such moves are not entirely unexpected. I was worried that AdFreak might pull the same stuff with me, because they’re a small-minded bunch who refuse to accept that I don’t like wearing shirts in the office. I failed to find any of my posts online and protested to the editor, who pointed out that I’d misspelled my name while searching. Oddly, I’d botched my first name, and the other Gianatasios were mostly chefs in Sicily. Mmmm, grilled lobster tails are best prepared with oregano, basil and rosemary. Thanks, Internet!

—Posted by David Gianatasio