Some Super Bowl XL comic relief

Super_bowl_xl_logo_6We were supposed to spend this morning searching for insightful commentary about the Super Bowl ads. Instead, we are tired and crabby after last night, and decided instead of look for stuff that would make us laugh. So here are a few comical Super Bowl reactions found completely randomly in the blogosphere:
• “‘The King’ is a silent, frightening weirdo, whom even the Whopperettes refer to as ‘freaky.’” Also, “I find monkey humor unpalatably facile.” (Seth Stevenson, Slate)
• “I think the false notion that the Super Bowl is some family moment (which perpetuated itself in the overblown BS of the wardrobe malfunction) has stifled the creative freedom and inspiration of the ad makers. I’m sorry, but if I am teaching my kids that our family values include big armor-clad men acting out war fantasies on a 100-yard field while exercising the same part of their brain that the cavemen grew up with, I think I will also include the concept that people fart and curse and women are beautiful in those same values.” (The Vermillion Xperiment v.X)
• “It is now perfectly acceptable to use Super Bowl commercial breaks as bathroom breaks again.” (Home Office Blues)
• “Did Pepsi stop and consider the simple fact that Brown and Bubbly is not that appealing? There is something else that is brown and bubbly: Carbonated Crap!” (High on Ryan)
• “The commercials? Eh, not so much. Really, all of them kind of sucked. Anheuser-Busch spent approximately $90 billion dollars on 32 Bud Light ads, and all but one of them made me want to drink any other beer but Bud Light.” (Philadelphia Will Do)
• “Come on, man, 5 razors is a little excessive. Plus one on the back. They describe it as a ‘miracle of fusion.’ I’m going to go ahead and say that a razor isn’t an act of God, guys.” (

—Posted by Tim Nudd