Some songs can’t be ruined by advertising

This list of pop songs ruined by commercials is pretty sad, chiefly due to the expectations of the contributors. Anyone who doesn’t expect shameless commercialism from Madonna, of all people, will be let down. For that matter, Kraft couldn’t have destroyed EMF’s “Unbelievable” any more than than EMF did, and that goes double for Oasis’ “All Around the World,” bits of which still pollute AT&T spots today. The rest of these “tarnished” pop songs are so marginal that the bands responsible should be kissing their agents’ feet for keeping their names alive outside VH1 nostalgia specials. Of larger concern is the recent slew of punk bands surfacing in ads—the Transplants whoop-whooping it up in Neutrogena commercials, or “I Wanna Be Sedated” selling mobile phones, or the Circle Jerks using “Wild in the Streets” to hock Vans sneakers. Just be glad the Dead Kennedys are still dragging each other into court or we’d be hearing “Holiday in Cambodia” in Levi’s ads. Unlike most of the stuff on Retro Crush’s list, those songs were good before ad makers sunk their talons into them. UPDATE: Idolator has linked to a collection of tribute videos on YouTube with movie and TV scenes set to popular songs.

—Posted by David Kiefaber