Some parting words from Mike Tyson

Tyson_1Whoever billed Saturday’s Mike Tyson fight as the beginning of his comeback is kicking himself right now. Tyson, at one time the scariest man in pro sports, retired on his stool after a disappointing six rounds against journeyman Kevin McBride. The fight was notable for Tyson’s dirty tactics, which included cutting McBride open with a headbutt and trying to break his arm. But if the fight was pathetic, the events afterward were startling. I’m sure I wasn’t the only comic-book fan convinced that Tyson’s Bizarro double had taken the stage at the press conference, where he described himself as “smart too late and old too soon” and spoke of taking on missionary work in Africa. This was not the Mike Tyson we’re used to. This wasn’t even the Tyson who threatened to gut McBride like a fish. This was a tired, broken-down man, crippled by debt and seemingly unable to do the one thing that made him famous. Whether he follows through with his statements or not is uncertain—the guy is far from rational—but hearing this kind of introspection from him is refreshing all the same.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Photo: UPI Photo/Roger Williams