Snickers likes to dress dudes up in lingerie

Snickersnuts Viral campaigning is all well and good, but it has its limitations. Such is the case with New Zealand’s Lingerie4Men, which had claimed to be the country’s “only lingerie brand designed for the male figure” but is actually (as has now been revealed on the Web site) a viral campaign for Snickers. (The idea, which is a bit of a stretch, is that it takes “pretty big nuts” for guys to model ladies’ underwear.) And therein lies the problem. Who will want to buy a Snickers bar when it’s wedded to an image of a hairy, vaguely menacing Rocky Horror Picture Show extra? And who will think of the poor, confused men whose hopes of buying garters and pasties without being laughed at by Victoria’s Secret employees have now been dashed? Thanks to Ana at Spare Room for sending this along.

—Posted by David Kiefaber