A sneak Peeq at an online sex community

Peeq Sure, sex sells. And there’s probably no better approach when the commodity itself is a sex-centric online destination. Introducing ThePeeq.com, which bills itself as “a sexy community where like-minded adults learn from and contribute to a shared philosophy that dares us to explore the quirky, humorous, embarrassing and sublime sides of sex.” Take that, Facebook! Ads use semi-risqué images and text such as, “Who did you do on your summer vacation?” and “Have you Peeqed today?” An agency called Street Attack in Boston (maybe they should change their name?) is handling the rollout. Is the site work friendly? Let’s just say that once I finish writing this I plan to clear all my bookmarks, empty my cache and chuck my Mac down the nearest sewer. In related news, my Dave-centric online community is pretty sexy, too, no? Oh, never mind.

—Posted by David Gianatasio