Smutty Grandma Shows Off Her Sticky Buns in Canadian Ads

Senior sex sells for Crosby's molasses

New ads in Canada for molasses maker Crosby's are trying to reinvent the 125-year-old product with uncomfortable sexual innuendos from a woman who is almost that old herself. The "Bake it like Grandma" ads, featuring the lascivious Grandma Fancy, are in response to market research which said old people buy more molasses than any other consumer group. So, why not insult them and attract a newer, younger clientele at the same time? Of course, it could very well work. Dialogue like "Roll it up jelly-roll style into a nice, thick package. Look, I can barely get my hands around it!" coming from an old woman might give me a case of the Technicolor yawns, but it's apparently attracting loads more people to the company's website. One more ad after the jump.