That smokin’ ex-tennis player looks familiar

Toth Brand Imaging’s first TV spots for K-Swiss identify the endorsers by their sports—except for one. It notes that Tommy Hass and Alona Bondarekno play tennis, Anna Tunnicliffe sails, Sebastian Foucan runs, and Chris Lieto competes in triathlons. Those stars are shown engaging in their sports. Then there’s Anna Kournikova, who disembarks from a helicopter, midriff bared, giving us her best come-hither look. Other than her name, she’s not ID’ed in any way. Maybe it’s a sign of respect: her pop-culture persona (she’s hot) and mere presence (hot!) transcend her athletic achievements. For the record: Ms. Kournikova was a top-10 tennis player and did win two Grand Slam doubles titles. And you could bounce a dime off those abs. I’m just saying.

—Posted by David Gianatasio