‘Slyde’ into Valentine’s Day

Live in (or near) Cincinnati and still don’t have reservations for Valentine’s Day? You may be in luck. According to this story from the Lexington Herald-Leader, White Castle restaurants there are accepting reservations for dinner by candlelight, complete with wait-staff service. Some 26 Cincinnati White Castles are participating, along with a handful from northern Kentucky.

By the way, we just took the “instapol” on WhiteCastle.com. The question is: How do you show the world what you crave? Voting breakdowns so far are: Eating Slyders® in public (939 votes), wearing a White Castle T-shirt (609), having a White Castle tattoo (425), wearing Slyder boxer shorts (141) and having a White Castle bumper sticker (138).

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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