Skittles Wants to Do More Disturbing Things With Your Finger

BBDO Toronto brings back touch-the-screen videos

BBDO Toronto had a big hit last year with its Skittles Touch campaign (taking home gold Lions in Film and Cyber at the Cannes ad festival, for one thing). The interactive videos prompt you to place your finger on your computer screen where a Skittle appears—and then your finger becomes, disturbingly, part of the action. (In the most memorable execution last year, a half-man/half-cat stared you down while eagerly licking your finger.) Now, agency and client are back with five new Touch videos—ratcheting up the weirdness even further. The characters this time around include a cyclops doctor, a werewolf baby, a zombie, a princess and Sasquatch. The campaign is less whimsically weird than its American counterpart and more aggressively gross than anything. After each clip, you'll feel somewhat violated as you trot off to the vending machine. More spots after the jump.