Sitcom moms: which would you choose?

If she’s good enough for the Beaver, she’s good enough for us. In a pre-Mother’s Day poll by Harris Interactive, June Cleaver (of Leave It to Beaver fame) topped the voting when adults were asked to pick the sitcom mother they’d most like to have had as their own mom when growing up (or failing to grow up, as the case may be). Claire Huxtable, of The Cosby Show, was the runner-up. Filling out the top five: Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch, Marion Cunningham of Happy Days and Donna Stone of The Donna Reed Show. Mrs. Cleaver was the favorite of male respondents, while Mrs. Huxtable was tops with women. In a partisan split (you knew there had to be one), Democrats favored Mrs. Huxtable, Republicans Mrs. Brady and independents Mrs. Cleaver.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver