Siri and iCloud? Bah, the Camera Is King

New Apple ad targets the No. 1 smartphone activity

Millions of people were willing to buy the iPhone 4S based on little more than a feature list and a release date, but there are still many millions more for Apple to try and win over. To that end, Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab have launched three new ads walking you through the newest features of note: voice-controlled helper Siri, wireless storage service iCloud, and the considerably improved new camera. With so much focus on Siri in recent weeks, it's nice to see the other perks getting some love. Highlighting the 8 megapixel camera is especially smart in light of how smartphones are being used day to day. In a Pew Research Center survey earlier this year, taking pictures was tied with texting for the most popular activity on smartphones. Most modern phone commercials like to show their users enjoying multimedia features like playing games or watching videos—activities enjoyed by only 64 percent and 54 percent of users, respectively. Meanwhile, 92 percent of smartphone owners are taking photos, and this ad might be the one that convinces them they'd rather be taking photos on an iPhone. Check out the camera-focused ad below and the other two new spots after the jump.