Sir Martin discovers new passion: blogging

Sorrelldavos copy

Sadly, as in years past, I had to miss Davos this year. Bummer. Luckily, WPP CEO and Davos fixture Martin Sorrell is blogging from the World Economic Forum for the Financial Times. That social-media tutorial is coming in handy. So far, he's posted three entries—and one inscrutable photo of himself wearing an Obama ski hat and standing with a dog in the snow. What's clear is that Sir Martin doesn't like crowds. In fact, I get the distinct impression he doesn't think many of his fellow attendees are important enough to be there and make him wait on line. This is how he began an entry yesterday, ostensibly about a chat the Chinese premier gave: "Far too crowded. Probably 500 people over the top. Last year 2000 was heavy, 2600 is too many. Some can't attend sessions even having tried to book online from home. Participant numbers should be reduced. Security is also very tight, aggravated by the crush. There are heavy lines and queuing, especially early in the morning."

—Posted by Brian Morrissey