Sign Lindsay up while she’s still alive

Lohan_2Advertisers, get Lindsay Lohan to endorse your crap soon, or you may be out of luck. The actress’s troublingly and dangerously literal fall from grace continued on Friday, when she “was rushed to the hospital again after fracturing her wrist.” Flat boots were reportedly to blame, as they made her slip during New York’s Fashion Week, causing the injury. An investigation is pending against Milk Studios, the site of Lohan’s boo-boo, to determine whether or not they “took adequate health and safety precautions with the ground.” I’m no legal expert, but it sounds like they expected Milk Studios personnel to manually flatten the landscape surrounding their facilities just in case a clumsy, underfed starlet decided to pay them a visit. This is by no means her first accident, either. January of this year saw her get 10 stitches in her shin after “falling on a broken cup at rocker Bryan Adams’ home in London.” And in July, she was hospitalized for heatstroke and exhaustion acquired on the set of Georgia Rule. AdFreak sends out a plea to Ms. Lohan: Slow down and take some time off. Any more accidents and you’ll be typecast in this role for all eternity, special effects permitting.

—Posted by David Kiefaber