Showtime keeps doing the little things right


Once upon a time, we asked if it was time for Showtime to quit charging. Well, now it is—at least briefly. The pay cable network is offering the first episodes of the new seasons of Dexter and Californication free online, two weeks before they hit TV. You can watch either by entering the apt password "Lady Killer." It’s another smart move for Showtime, whose Dexter campaign has been getting quite a lot of press. Last month, fake magazine covers starring Dexter himself covered newsstands. Before that, Portugeuse agency Torke Guerrilha (whose Web site is worthy of a click) created some awesome Dexter guerrilla work with blood-flushing urinals, Dexter brand plastic wrap, a dead guy on the street and bloody body parts in a butcher’s window. That campaign was limited to Lisbon, but caused a minor U.S. fan frenzy, thanks to the power of the Internets. In all the hubbub, let’s not forget Showtime’s Californication campaign, which became pure genius the moment Duchovny entered rehab for his sex addiction. Staged or not, how serendipitous! It’s also nice to know the network doesn’t only pimp out its female stars. Showtime knows what you really want: porn, weed, and violent psychos. Take that, Skinemax!

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers