Should Wrangler keep or ditch Brett Favre?


Brett Favre is embroiled in a rather unseemly controversy. Deadspin published embarrassing voicemails that the married Minnesota Vikings quarterback allegedly sent to a sideline hostess when he was with the New York Jets two years ago. It got worse with photos he (also allegedly) texted to the woman. The insanely curious can check out the NSFW evidence here. There is also a report that Favre propositioned team-hired massage therapists. This leaves Wrangler in a pickle. Favre has been the jeans maker's top spokesman and star in ads that it frequently runs during NFL games. While Wrangler says it is taking a wait-and-see approach, it appears to be pulling back, based on how few Favre spots it ran this weekend. (Favre still has a prominent placement on the Wrangler site, including an unfortunate crotch circle in a "Play football with Brett Favre" contest.) With Favre due to meet with NFL security on Tuesday, the question is whether Wrangler sticks with the old gunslinger or quietly sends him off into the sunset. What do you think?