Short on bra!nz? Head over to zombie Sears

Zombie sears

Just in time for Halloween, Sears has given its website a creative makeover to try and attract the coveted zombie demographic. Zombies are the latest supernatural craze and seem to be a perfectly putrescent reaction against the last fad: beautiful, sparkly vampires. You can toggle the page to read it in Zombian (i.e. unintelligible moans), or use the zombie gift finder application to identify the right purchase for any apocalyptic scenario. They've blown it out through social media, with a twittering zombie, YouTube vids, and zombie creation application. But where it really raises the bar is in the departure from stupid Halloween puns to a fully realized fictional world, with clear inspiration from the online game Urban Dead, where players have spent years creating an extensive zombie lexicon. If more marketers can tap into this vein, we may need to create a new advertising award for fictional post-apocalyptic marketing. Via Boing Boing.