Shoe-loving giantesses maraud through city


If you're like me, you've probably wondered what would happen if skyscraper-sized fashion models were let loose in a modern metropolis. Thanks to AMV BBDO and Clarks shoes, now we know. The women "stand tall" (that's the tagline) against the skyline. They strut, preen, lounge across multiple lanes of traffic, use concrete canyons as catwalks and even do some pre-run stretching to Shawn Lee's hypnotic but grating power anthem "Kiss the Sky." It's visually engaging, but frankly, I expected more. Excuse me, ladies, if you wouldn't mind … trample those pedestrians! Gnaw the power-lines! Cat fight, Japanese-monster style! Pull up your massive tops and flash the cube jockeys on the 57th floor! Pole dance with an office tower! Work it, ladies!