Shatner back, still going strong for Priceline


A lucky couple live the dream in this new Priceline spot from Butler Shine Stern & Partners: They get kidnapped by William Shatner so he can find them the best travel deal in a lousy economy. Hey, it's my dream, OK? Shatner is as self-consciously hammy and earnest as ever, an elite old-school pop-culture icon whose appearances always please. At 77, Shats is still mining a level of mass appeal that's probably impossible for current stars to attain in our media-fragmented landscape. He's like the salt vampire from Star Trek's first aired episode: ancient, alternately frightening and ridiculous, but thoroughly unforgettable and possibly the last of his kind. A different actor will portray James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek prequel. Priceline will have a new pitchman one day. But there'll never be another Bill Shatner. That's probably a good thing.

—Posted by David Gianatasio