Sexy Underwear and Other Russian Beverage-Can Designs

Seems Russian beverage-can art, much like Polish movie posters, can range from funny to creepy to degraded and sad. But this collection of proposed designs from a Russian artist is still pretty cool, and makes me wonder why the double-necked can (see below) never caught on in America. Not only would the basic visual effect be a hit in our stupid frat-guy drinking culture, but it can be made to look like sexy underwear. (Then again, just placing two cans side by side, as seen above, can be made to look like sexy underwear, so I guess the Russians are pretty into that.) I'm also surprised that we haven't tried the nerdy-kid-pooping-in-the-Pepsi-can paint job yet, since it's just dying to be a promotional gimmick for some Judd Apatow comedy. The tagline? "Nice cans, bro." Via Helablog.