Sex addiction can mess up your advertising


The Showtime series Californication gets this week’s prize for most inopportune tagline. Given David Duchovny’s trip to rehab for sex addiction, the line "He’s in way too deep" could refer more to his troubles than his character’s. And considering the nature of the show, some viewers have even been left to wonder if the rehab thing is a PR gambit by Showtime ahead of Californication‘s second season. (That seems unlikely, but Showtime has posted a video to its YouTube channel titled "Are you addicted to porn?" Though not in reference to Duchovny.) In general, sex addiction is tough to build marketing materials around. But that hasn’t stopped the distributors of Choke, an upcoming film about a sex addict, from trying their hardest. To the dismay of some patrons, they’ve been handing out anal beads at some preview screenings.

—Posted by Tim Nudd