Security software knows that it’s quite dull

Webroot broccoli

Internet security is mind-numbingly boring, and no one cares how it works — as long as it does. That's the message TDA Advertising & Design conveys in its first campaign for Webroot. Billboards present typically uninteresting stuff like broccoli, noting that it's still more interesting than explaining antivirus protection. Webroot technology chief Mike Kronenberg stars in banners that give users two options for what they'd like to see him do, such as "Explain key-logging prevention or get into a bar fight?" and "Explain cloud-based threat detection or box a goofy alligator mascot." Actually, the tech options sound intriguing. What IS cloud-based threat detection all about? Does it involve riding in balloons? I'll click on that option and find out. Damn, Webroot, you sure know how to hook a guy!

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