The secret lives of Midwest ad execs

CandygirlApparently those Midwest ad executives aren’t as staid as one might think. Take, for example, Joe Hanson, who was most recently employed in the corporate communications department at Leo Burnett. It seems that Hanson, who was also a contestant on Beauty and the Geek, has made quite a name for himself on Current TV. His film series won first prize in the network’s debut film competition. He’s been so successful, in fact, that he’s left the advertising world for a gig at the cable net. And if that’s not enough, check this: Entertainment Weekly has a small item in its current issue revealing that Diablo Cody, who’s just written Candy Girl, a book about her year as a stripper, previously worked as “a bored ad agency grunt in Minneapolis.” Doesn’t say which agency, but I think we can figure out what the former Brook Busey-Hunt’s first pet’s name and childhood street were.

—Posted by Aaron Baar