Sea-Monkeys are back, just as weird as ever


Apparently believing no generation should be denied the joys of brine shrimp, Transcience and marketing shop Gertrude Inc. are reintroducing Sea-Monkeys, those "instant pets" first marketed back in 1957. Press materials promise "an integrated campaign which includes four timeless print ads with classic copywriting and an interactive microsite that … allows users to customize their own Sea-Monkeys tank and share it with friends through social networking interaction." Translation: Go ahead and SeaMonkeyYourself. For some, whom I'd rather not meet, that's probably a dream come true. (I'd upload my face onto a Sea-Monkey, but Morrissey can do that when he's back from vacation.) Back in the days when these "timeless" print ads ran in comic books, I ordered some Sea-Monkeys, and they sent me a box of what appeared to be dried-up crud. Bottom line: If you want the cachet of being a "pet owner," but couldn't care less if the pets live or die, Sea-Monkeys are the choice for you.

—Posted by David Gianatasio