Score one for the American-made SUVs

HiluxThe ad shown here, from Saatchi in the U.K., wants you to believe the Toyota Hilux is one tough son of a bitch, wrecking-ball-like in its sturdiness. But the Hilux might be a little embarrassed the next time it runs into a Ford Explorer at a party. Nancy Batista drove her Explorer into a giant sinkhole in Brooklyn yesterday, and by all accounts the SUV fared quite well. It “looked pretty good, considering it had just plunged into a big hole,” says The New York Times. What’s weird is that the bird’s-eye photos of the accident in the Times look remarkably like a reverse angle of the Hilux ad. (You can see an AP photo here, but the Times photos are better.) Hilux link via Ads of the World

—Posted by Tim Nudd