For safe text, wrap your phone in a condom


This phone is wearing a condom to encourage teens to practice "safe text," which involves resisting the urge to send nude cell-phone pics of oneself all over creation. The work is by Serve Marketing and the United Way of Milwaukee, who previously teamed up on the memorable (non-)scratch-and-sniff diaper bus-shelter ad, warning teens about the olfactory downsides of parenthood. Milwaukee used to be famous for producing second-rate beer. Now, it's known for rampant teen pregnancy. Maybe there's a connection. Verizon and the Ad Council also have a campaign that warns against "sexting" and other forms of risky digital dating behavior. Obviously, sharing nude pictures of yourself is a bad idea, especially if you don't exercise regularly. Still, what else do you do for fun if you're stranded in Milwaukee on a Saturday night?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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