Rum barons will not suffer a crocodile to live

Bundy rum millers

The Australian wackiness continues today, as we follow Sony’s alien bromance with the new spot below by Leo Burnett Sydney for Bundaberg Rum. A cabal of 19th century sugar millers intervenes when a modern golfer understandably opts to play around a giant crocodile. History seems to be a popular theme with distillers these days, from the epic retelling of Johnnie Walker’s life to the fictionalized adventures of John Jameson. Bundy Rum’s take falls a bit short of its British brethren, but I’ll be curious to see how this league of extraordinary gentlemen offers inspiration in other high-tension settings, like a boardroom, bathroom or bedroom. Those are the places I always find myself wishing that a large group of Victorian businessmen were around to give me a hearty “Huzzah!”