Round Table Pizza slays with killer new ads

These five new Round Table Pizza spots are so delightfully silly and earnestly stupid, they deserve their own category at Cannes. The chain’s Pizza Knight runs like a sissy from a screaming horror-movie-masked Killer Pizza who wields a club made out of salad; he shares a tender moment with a portly Super Hawaiian; and to illustrate that Round Table won’t cut corners, he rides a tricycle so badly that he winds up on his back, armored limbs flailing—all part of his quest to promote the chain’s pies. “We wanted to elicit a ’What the heck?’ response to really get people engaged,” says Michael Boychuk, senior creative director at ad shop WongDoody. Recent Comcast commercials employ the same wordplay premise. But Round Table takes it to a new level of stoopid. Just look at that Killer Pizza … brandishing a huge salad bar. Now that’s killer stupid! Imagine what they could do with the words “bread sticks.” On second thought, don’t.

—Posted by David Gianatasio