Rolling Stones slip up on soap

Daysofourlives1So I was catching up with the news that the Rolling Stones are going to create buzz for one of their new tunes— “Streets of Love”—by placing the song and video in an episode of Days of Our Lives that’s airing next week (Oct. 18) and then making it a recurring theme for one of the soap’s storylines. I tend to applaud any effort on the part of a group—especially one that plays songs that no longer get much airplay—to market their product by any means necessary; it’s apparent the Stones’ bedtime reading is the U2 Aging Rocker Marketing How-to Manual, at least in terms of finding ways to give a new tune some reach and frequency without relying on radio. But they must’ve skipped the chapter about doing it in the right context. C’mon … Days of Our Lives? Couldn’t Mick & Co. have swung a deal with CSI or Lost?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor