Rogue Pictures moving into slasher apparel

Rogue pictures

Rogue Pictures, which released the remake of The Last House on the Left and The Unborn, says it's expanding into a lifestyle company with social networking and clothing and such. The effort seems to parallel the company's slasher-film milieu. Yes, I just wanted to use the word "milieu" on AdFreak today. Even so, the initial clothing line, "featuring hoodies, T-shirts and hats," per press materials, does seem well suited to crazed stalkers. "Eventually, the clothing line is expected to include jeans, sneakers and other apparel items for the 15-25-year-old trendsetter." Which sounds a lot like what a victim would wear. (The trendy kids always get snuffed in these films.) There's even a Rouge tour bus that "will be wired with full digital capabilities including live streaming." In other words: the maniac's high-tech mobile slaughterhouse, which he'll use to upload video of his ghastly deeds to the online world. Yeah, I see too many horror films, and I'm probably reading too much into this. Even so, if that Rogue van rolls into town with its black-tinted windows, don't take any chances: Run like hell!

—Posted by David Gianatasio