Ripley fights Alien Queen … for the remote

Directvaliens In its latest commercial, DirecTV has some fun with the climactic scene from Aliens, in which Ripley, with the help of those funky hydraulic arms, battles the Alien Queen. Not only has the giant insect been terrorizing Newt all day, now it appears to be keeping Ripley from a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV. (“This thing just won’t leave!” she shouts at the camera, breaking character in the style of all the recent DirecTV ads.) Sigourney Weaver is a nice addition to the campaign, which has also featured William Shatner, Pam Anderson and Charlie Sheen. Still, if they could have used any scene from Aliens, I wouldn’t have minded hearing Bishop complain about how he can’t watch DirecTV because he’s been ripped in half and won’t last the night. Or maybe that scene is better saved for a “Got milk?” ad somewhere down the line.

—Posted by Tim Nudd