Reznor lets fans remix NIN’s music

Nine_inch_nails1Say what you want about his music, but Trent Reznor knows how to treat his fans. Reuters reports that, “the Nine Inch Nails front man is inviting fans to download his band’s new single, "Only," and to remix or alter it any way they choose.” Unlike a similar experiment with his previous single, "The Hand That Feeds" he posted “Only” in multiple formats, including Ableton Live, Sony Acid Xpress/Pro, and Garageband. His record label even partnered with online community to create space for people to upload their remixes. I’ve always liked the fan-inclusive approach to music marketing, especially when fans are allowed to take part in the creative process. Trent isn’t alone in capitalizing on the idea; I recall Skinny Puppy and Missy Elliot donating tracks to turntable-based music program Mixman Studio, which allowed users to download the tracks as supplements to the program’s extensive library of loops and samples. I hope this tactic catches on, and other artists open some of their music to listener interpretation. Who knows? Dedicated fans might make some of it listenable again.

—Posted by David Kiefaber