The return (sigh) of Terrell Owens

Boost_terrell_owens_1You’d be forgiven for thinking Terrell Owens’ pitchman days would be done after he was vilified from nearly every quarter for his unending saga that eventually led him to be kicked off the Philadelphia Eagles. But that would be naive. T.O., who has not stepped foot on a football field in three months, will appear in TV commercials for Boost Mobile this Saturday night during the AFC playoff game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. (See the ads here.) The ads are targeted at youth, encouraging them to express themselves at a wonderfully titled Boost Web site, As a lifelong Birds fan forced to watch Mike McMahon throw to Billy McMullen this year, color me skeptical of this particular marketing ploy cum rehab job. Berlin Cameron is even giving T.O. the Robert McNamara treatment, showing an Errol Morris-directed clip of the T.O. testimonial, as if T.O. hasn’t done enough talking already. The irony would have been perfect if the spot were to air during the NFC games, in which T.O. would probably be taking part if he hadn’t sabotaged his team.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey