Red Sox pitcher throws fans a curveball

ArroyoJohnny Damon, the cutest and arguably most famous Red Sox player, is sharing the Boston media spotlight with one of his teammates this week. While Damon played in baseball’s All-Star Game yesterday, Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo debuted his new CD, Covering the Bases, a compilation of cover songs by alt-rock bands like Pearl Jam and Incubus, recorded with a group of impressive studio musicians. Arroyo (7-5 this season, with a 4.02 ERA) can apparently do more than chuck a baseball. The Boston Globe notes his “impressive baritone vocals” and calls the album “solid,” albeit with occasionally “rote” musical arrangements. But never fear, Damon lovers, the slugger sings backup along with teammate Kevin Youkilis on the Sox fight song “Dirty Water.”

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool