The real story behind TBS’s pie-fight ad

GilliganTBS is in hot water for a Real Gilligan’s Island promo in which models portraying Mary Ann and Ginger do battle in a rather suggestive pie fight. (Aren’t we used to this kind of thing after “Cat Fight”?) Anyway, TBS must’ve anticipated a backlash, because they’re all ready to capitalize with an accompanying “Behind the Scenes” video that treats the 30-second spot like it’s a cinematic masterpiece. (You can watch both the promo and the making-of here, and if you log on after 10 p.m., the link to an even racier 60-second promo will be live, too.) The behind-the-scenes video reveals that the backdrop was from the original show, Ginger was something of a diva, Mary Anne had a fling with the key grip, and the stunt pies were made with shaving cream. And the directors, Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein, try to defend the ad’s intellectual merits (“This is art. … We are artists”) and themselves (“My wife thinks I’m shooting a dog food commercial right now. So if anyone asks, it’s dog food. No bikinis”). Not only did they get two women to roll around in shaving cream on film, but they knew what to do next. Nicely done.

—Posted by David Kiefaber