Random Tweets From Jeff Goodby and Colleen DeCourcy Just Got Turned Into Crazy Short Films

Rei Inamoto, Joe Alexander and P.J. Pereira get treatments, too

You send your little observational slice-of-life tweets out into the ether, and think you’ve seen the end of them. But for a handful of top advertising creatives, their ephemeral missives have been given epic treatments—turned into short films as part of a fun campaign from Brazil.

The short films were made for FilmBrazil by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, and the point is to promote Brazilian audiovisual production capabilities to countries abroad.

Check out the films below.


Inspired by Jeff Goodby of Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Inspired by Colleen DeCourcy of Wieden + Kennedy


Inspired by P.J. Pereira of Pereira & O’Dell


Inspired by Rei Inamoto of Inamoto & Co.


Inspired by Joe Alexander of The Martin Agency


A second phase of the campaign will launch next week at Cannes Lions, where FilmBrazil will make some films in real time based on tweets from delegates using the hashtag #TweetScripts.

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Title: #TweetScripts
Client: Apex-Brasil e APRO
Product: FilmBrazil
Chief Creative Officer: Fabio Fernandes
Creative Director: Pedro Prado | Rodrigo Castellari
Creatives: Murilo Melo | Rafael Freire
Account Supervisor: Saulo Sanchez | Rafael Cappelli | Gabriela Marques | Rafael Franceschini | Rafaela Assunção
Media: Maurício Almeida | Adriana Roza | Leonardo Sousa | Luiza Oliveira
Director Of Integrated Production: Juliana Hasegawa
Project Manager: Vivian Mo | Carolina Monti | Bia Andreucci
Production Company: Academia de Filmes | Bossa Nova Films | Delicatessen | Prodigo Films | Vetor Filmes.
Director: Fazzio & Espeche | Ale Lucas & André Ignácio | Gustavo Leme | Ale Paschoalini | IÊ
Production Design: Thais Junqueira | Rafael Blas | Karla Salvani e Marilia Franco | Equipe Academia de filmes
Executive Producer: Francesco Civita| Renata Dumont | Alberto Lopes, Paula Moraes e Francisco Puech | Eduardo Tibiriça, Sandra Otho e Pedro Gomes | Marily Raphul
Cinematographer: Andre Dip | Rhebling Jr. | Daniel Belinky | Antonio Brasiliano e Paulo Mancini
Post Production: Tutu Mesquita | André Serra | Clara Morelli | Chiquinho
Editing: Alexandre Boechat, AMC | Leandro Ferrari | Jeff Ferreira | Rafael Mesquiara | Diogo Meyer
Sound House: A Voz do Brazil | Comando S | Jamute | Punch | Satélite
Client Approval /Apex-Brasil: Carlos Villanova, Pricila Caied e Rita de Albuquerque
Client Approval /Filmbrazil: Alex Mehedff, Francesco Civita, Leyla Fernandes, Ale Lucas, Marianna Souza e Paulo Roberto Schmidt

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