Ralph kills again with second ‘Dexter’ viral


Last year, a sinister digital campaign for Showtime’s Dexter from U.K agency Ralph won our Freakiest Advertising Moment of 2007 contest. The Web site allowed visitors to send custom video news reports to friends, suggesting they were being targeted by a serial killer. Now, Ralph is back with a follow-up: the Dexter Hit List. It doesn’t veer too far from the original — once again, a serial killer is stalking your friends (they must be getting used to it by now), but this time the video shows police talking to the press about it. Last year’s effort took some heat for being a bit too believable. This time, you can add a photo of yourself, and you get presented in the video as a suspect — an extra step that will hopefully convince moms everywhere that they’re not actually in danger.

—Posted by Tim Nudd