Radiohead sets vibe for homelessness PSA

The National Coalition for the Homeless uses a darkly ambient Radiohead snippet in this new PSA, titled "It Can Happen to Anyone," from the ad agency Knarf. The band donated the song for the ad—apparently the first time it's let any of its music be used in an ad of any kind. The track isn't exactly instantly recognizable as Radiohead, though it is dreamlike and menacing, like a prelude to a nightmare. What really caught my attention, however, was that the footage runs in reverse, heightening the sense of unease and dislocation. Overall, it provides an otherworldly depiction of, well, another world—different from the one most of us know, but perhaps closer than we'd care to believe. UPDATE: Several people are saying Radiohead has lent its songs to commercials before. See the comments section for details.

—Posted by David Gianatasio