Rachel Bilson Raps, but Will It Help Her Show?

CW's 'Hart of Dixie' could use a boost

Come on, nobody believes Rachel Bilson is a doctor, even in TV dramedy land. That may be why the CW's Hart of Dixie, starring Bilson as a big city professional turned country doc, has struggled all season long in the ratings. Sure, she's adorable in this fish-out-of-water series. But wait, she's a medical doctor? Who treats patients and stuff? Co-star Wilson Bethel decided to tackle the criticism head-on by writing and producing this foul-mouthed little video, first released on Funny Or Die, that has the pint-sized brunette rapping gangsta style. Look, she's got a grill! And you will call her doctor, bitch, because the actress trots out enough self-deprecation in this clip to deserve some respect. Well, at least she warrants more of a look than anyone's given her since The OC, which by the way gets a verse all its own with a wicked Mischa Barton reference. If you're in the camp that thinks white girls busting rhymes are hilarious, you're in luck here. If not, there's still plenty to like. Not sure I can say the same for the show, which could really use the buzz generated from a video like this but can't live up to its edge.