Q&A: Alex Bogusky on his return to Twitter

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Alex Bogusky began using Twitter again last night after almost two months away. He spoke with Adweek's Brian Morrissey about his return.
  Q. When you stopped using Twitter in March, you said it just wasn't for you. What changed?
  A. Well, the thing that made it very difficult for me was that I'm a communicator at heart but Twitter opened up too much surface area for me to communicate on. I couldn't keep up, and it pulled time from other pursuits. So, it just made me feel bad. After I stopped, a fellow named Steven Verbruggen contacted me through my e-mail, which I had posted in case anybody wanted to keep a dialog. He had a blog, and he began a follower drive to convince me to start again. At the time I had about 1,500 followers, so he asked how many would it take to convince me, and I threw out 3,000 because it seemed unlikely. [Read the full interview at TweetFreak.]

—Posted by Brian Morrissey