Put this agency’s Web site out of its misery


Those gun nuts at The Republik just sent an e-mail blast to 2,500 contacts inviting them to destroy the agency’s old Web site using a .44 Magnum, shotgun or sniper rifle. Well, the shop’s in North Carolina, so what could we really expect? Guns, chewing tobacco, moonshine … I was going to say it sounds unhealthy, but it actually sounds fun, and it’s no worse than much of the new fall lineup on Fox. The shop is building buzz for a new user-customizable state-of-the-art Web site that will be revealed once the old one is blown away. With an unusual Web site and unexpected creative approach, The Republik is cool—kind of like Modernista! with guns. If I were a Republik client, I’d make damn sure to pay my bills on time. And would it kill you to tip the traffic manager? Actually, yes, it could.

—Posted by David Gianatasio