PSA reenacts Chris Brown/Rihanna scuffle has started a campaign to raise awareness that one in three teens are abused in a relationship. But what's making headlines is this video, which reenacts what allegedly happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna via the monotone reading of statements from the police report. Ever since the incident occurred on the day of the Grammys, Brown has lost his Wrigley's sponsorship, countless programs from Entertainment Tonight to Oprah have discussed the issue, R&B stations have been pulling Brown's music, and CB and Rih Rih are back together and have decided to record a duet. So, DoSomething is a little late to the party, and kind of an odd fit, considering they sponsor PSAs on practically every hot-button issue out there. Still, this did make them headline news on CNN yesterday. They're also offering free bracelets on their Web site (two black, one blue, to represent the statistic), and claim they've had 25,000 requests for them so far. I think for a low-budget spot, the return it's generating is huge. With teenage girls standing by Chris Brown and prompting a whole new wave of media coverage, this whole CB/Rih Rih dating-violence thing isn't likely to blow over anytime soon.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers