Prostituting yourself? Read this

Prostitutesterry_mcelroyimagescomnewscomHungary is about to answer the age-old question: “Do prostitutes make good marketing
and advertising workers?” I mean, after all, there are some obvious parallels. Prostitutes already know
something about sales. They probably work well with people. They certainly know
how to entertain clients. The Hungarian government gave the Prostitutes Interests’ Defense Association
in Budapest HUD 2 million (that’s less than $100,000 in our money) to send 15
prostitutes to the Budapest Media Institute for a year
to learn to be marketing
and advertising agents. It’s part of a government
incentive to get the prostitutes off the streets of Budapest.
These are not just any prostitutes, either. They all had to have a secondary
education and pass a psychological examination to prove they really wanted to
change professions. Somehow, I don’t think this would work in the U.S. Not that the profession hasn’t been accused of practicing the same craft.

 —Posted by Jim Lovel

Credit: Terry McElroy/