Professional rock climbers are athletes, too

In a campaign for climbing gear manufacturer Petzl USA, ad shop TDA Advertising & Design imagines a world in which star climbers enjoy the same fan appeal as mainstream athletes. Print ads show how memorabilia collectors would honor Chris Sharma (who?) and Dave Graham (who?!). Graham’s been rendered as a bobblehead doll (“rockhead” seems more apt), and Sonnie Trotter (who!?!) gets a Topps-style trading card. Unfortunately, it’s just a Sonnie Trotter, so it’s not worth that much. I’ve decided to launch a line of Bloggerhead dolls. They’ll come with carpel-tunnel wrist-braces, dark circles under their eyes and little Wi-Fi antennas in their backwards-facing Nascar caps. Why risk your life climbing mountains when you could earn the same obscurity and lack of respect hunched over a keyboard all day?

—Posted by David Gianatasio